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Emblem 'Eagle Quarter' State Quarter
Washington Obverse (center) Obverse (center)
"Liberty" Obverse (top) Obverse (left)
"In God We Trust" Obverse (left) Obverse (right)
Mint Mark Obverse (lower right) Obverse (lower right)
Year of Minting Obverse (bottom) Reverse (bottom)
"United States of America" Reverse (top) Obverse (top)
"Quarter Dollar" Reverse (bottom) Obverse (bottom)
"E Pluribus Unum" Reverse (top) Reverse (bottom)
Eagle Reverse (center)
State Name
Reverse (top)
Statehood Year
Reverse (top)
State Design
Reverse (center)

In order to provide the most possible space for the states' designs, the size of Washington's portrait and most of the text is reduced on State Quarters.